The following handouts and information are to be used to gain a deeper understanding of what dance is and how it can relate to occupational therapy.

  • Dance activities are provided to allow for creative therapy sessions.
  • Information on dance exercises and stretches


Benefits of Dance.docx Benefits of Dance.docx
Size : 276.325 Kb
Type : docx
Size : 106.105 Kb
Type : docx
What is Dance.docx What is Dance.docx
Size : 1021.88 Kb
Type : docx
Dance Activities.docx Dance Activities.docx
Size : 40.191 Kb
Type : docx
Extra Activities.docx Extra Activities.docx
Size : 40.952 Kb
Type : docx
Back Care for Dancers.docx Back Care for Dancers.docx
Size : 236.086 Kb
Type : docx
Core Stretches.docx Core Stretches.docx
Size : 227.416 Kb
Type : docx
Scapular Exercises.docx Scapular Exercises.docx
Size : 86.776 Kb
Type : docx
Stretching Exercises.docx Stretching Exercises.docx
Size : 163.54 Kb
Type : docx
arm-rom.pdf arm-rom.pdf
Size : 182.452 Kb
Type : pdf
arm-strn.pdf arm-strn.pdf
Size : 603.972 Kb
Type : pdf
Upper Body Exercises for Dancers.docx Upper Body Exercises for Dancers.docx
Size : 216.263 Kb
Type : docx

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